About Us

How We Started

About us 2Well….we ain’t been around for decades and our recipes haven’t been passed down for generations but Dan’s Got Crabs has the best tasting crawfish boil. It is all because my brother, Daniel fell in love with the concept of crawfish boils and felt he could not only copy and improve upon but rather make the worlds best tasting sauces and using the highest quality products available to mankind. It became his passion. Over the past six years he shared his creations with his family and friends ( I will admit they are pretty dang good – just don’t tell him I said it) because now he has become so impressed with himself that he has found a location to share it with all called, Dan’s Got Crabs.

So, do us a favor…come and enjoy his food in a fun and casual atmosphere! As you leave tell Daniel how much you love his food and be sure to remind him that he would be no where without his brother (just to keep him grounded).

But, seriously – Dan’s Got Crabs is awesome and we all are proud of him.

Daniel’s Brother

About Our Food

We use nothing but the finest quality seafood. Like live Crab and Lobster, Full head-on Shrimp (gives the best flavor to our sauce) and Live Crawfish. Nothing pre-cooked! Cooked by the pound specific to your order. Our fries are fresh hand-cut. Oysters shucked and served raw on the half shell.